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Opened: 15th February, 1848.
Closed: 4th January, 1965.

Elvanfoot Station was opened by the Caledonian Railway on 15th February, 1848, and served the village of Elvanfoot in Lanarkshire, Scotland. It was served by local trains on what is now the West Coast Main Line. At Elvanfoot the main Caledonian Railway route turns away from the Upper Clyde Valley and enters remote and sparsely-populated upland country near the Louther Hills. The station was located at the junction of the Leadhills & Wanlockhead Light Railway with the main Caledonian Railway line. The branch ran to Leadhills and Wanlockhead where there were formerly lead mines. Part of this branch has been reopened as a narrow gauge railway. Today, virtually nothing remains at Elvanfoot to indicate that a railway junction and station formerly existed at this exposed and windswept upland location.

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A northward view of Elvanfoot Station in 1963. [W.A.C. Smith]

BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0 No. 76098 passes though the closed Elvanfoot Station on 30th May, 1966, with a very short Carstairs to Beattock goods train. This station was located at the junction with the Wanlockhead & Leadhills Light Railway, but by this time little trace of the branch remained. [Hugh Ballantyne]
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